Tracing the origin of Tiroler Steinöl

Oil extracted from shale? Yes, that’s possible. Family Albrecht has been mining the precious Tiroler Steinöl® in the Karwendel mountains for over 110 years. Audio-guided tours at the Vitalberg visitor centre in Pertisau take visitors through the history of the shale oil miners, and as a highlight, there is a special tour for children available.

How Tiroler Steinöl is extracted from oil shale
The oil is extracted from oil shale which is mined in the Bächental, a side valley of the Karwendel mountains. The process requires numerous steps: The oil shale must be ground and sorted, and is then heated to a high temperature. As the emerging gas cools off, it condenses and the resultant liquid is the crude Tiroler Steinöl (shale oil). The oil is then transported to the distillery and processed into skincare products.

Or is it giant’s blood after all?
It is often rumored that the Tiroler Steinöl® does not actually result from the processing of oil shale, but that it is the healing blood of the giant Thyrsus which was spilled during a fight. The Tiroler Steinöl Vitalberg visitor centre offers special guided tours suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years. The legend of the giant Thyrsus is told in an entertaining and child-friendly way, making it an amazing experience for children.

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