Our services for your cycling holiday

Here you will find detailed information about all service providers in the region. Among others we provide you with addresses and contact details for MTB guides, bike hotels and hire stations in the Achensee region.

Mountain bike & Bicycle hire

If you have just decided to go on a bike tour at lake Achensee but have left your bike at home, this isn’t a problem at all. There are lots of shops and hire stations which offer extensive service and rental of trekking and electric bikes as well as mountain bikes.
Link to MTB and bicycle hire
Link to E-Bike hire

Mountain bike guides

Experienced mountain bike guides are available throughout the region to accompany you on your tours at the Achensee region.
Link to the bike guides

Bike accommodations

Some accommodation providers in the Achensee region particularly tailor their offers to suit the needs of mountain bikers and road riders. These quality-approved cycling accommodation providers fulfil the criteria to be bike-friendly businesses as determined by Tirol Werbung.
Click here for bike-friendly accommodations

Bike & Cable car

  • 780 km long crossing of the Alps by mountain bike – this is the mountainbike safari Tirol. Special feature: bikers can cover 15,000 of the 32,000 metres of elevation gain with one of the 21 mountain railways.
    Click here to the stages.
  • Mountain bikes are taken on the ascent via Karwendel cable car in Pertisau to Zwölferkopf free of charge. As owner of an Achensee Holiday Card you must pay a surcharge of EUR 6,- per trip for your bike.

General MTB and bike information

Bike washing stations

Here you will find a list of petrol stations where you can wash and service your bike.

Bike Service

For small repairs the Tourist Information Offices have free tools available for loan. The sports shops in the region offer service, repairs and spare parts.

Public transport of bikes

  • In the public buses if there’s enough space available
  • On the ship at 1/2 price if there’s enough space available
  • On the Achensee steam cog railway, cost EUR 6,- per bike, reservation required

Bike rules

  • Always ride with controlled speed and sight, especially in curves as there can be obstacles along the trail (e.g. road damage, stones, branches, stored wood, grazing livestock, cattle grids, barriers, tractors, forestry or authorized vehicles)!
  • Be considerate of hikers. Only overtake at walking pace!
  • Be considerate of the difficulty of the route and assess your experience and your skills as a biker accurately! Protect your head with a helmet and check the bike before starting a tour (brakes, bell, light)!
  • Accept temporary road closures and be aware that the forest roads primarily serve the agricultural and forestry use! Close the cattle gates!
  • Show consideration for nature and wildlife! Do not leave marked paths and trails and avoid riding on meadows and pastures without path. End your ride at dusk and leave no waste!

Please follow extra rules for single trails:

  • Attention! Ride at your own risk, only with controlled speed and sight – condition of the trails is not controlled!
  • Be considerate of hikers, cattle and wildlife. Do not leave the trail and close the cattle gates!
  • Watch out for alpine dangers!
  • Leave no trace! Shortcuts and blocked rear wheels damage the trail.
  • Emergency numbers: 140 or 112

Signposting and levels of difficulty

The mountain bike trails in the Achensee region are marked according to the uniform signage regulations of Tirol.

  • Easy – blue trails

    Family-friendly bike routes with good road surface (fine gravel or asphalt), can be used with normal bicycles. Climbs and descents are between 0% and 5%, on short distances up to 10%, no continuous climbs. Car traffic-free or low-traffic routes. There are no particular danger zones, or in the event of danger zones there are special signs.

  • Intermediate – red trails

    Requires sporty cycling ability and especially defensive riding behaviour. Mountain bike equipment is recommended. Climbs and descents between 5% and 12%, for short distances up to 17%. The trails have unclear, winding sections. Car traffic which claims the entire path width must be expected. The condition of the trails, including the road surface, drainage facilities (e.g. water coils), shut-off devices (e.g. barriers), safety devices (e.g. missing railings and fences) and indications of danger zones is directed exclusively at tractors and forestry vehicles. These devices may pose additional danger spots for cyclists.
    Barriers from agricultural use (e.g. wood cutting and transport), storage of equipment and machines as well as danger spots due to natural events must be anticipated at any time. Steep terrain adjacent to the trails is unsecured.

  • Difficult – black trails

    Demanding MTB trail with numerous dangerous situations. Exceeds the maximum climb of the red tracks and the track characteristics are even more difficult. MTB equipment is mandatory. Requires anticipatory riding.

  • Single trails

    There are extra grades for single trails. Click here for details.