Immerse yourself in the Karwendel nature park

A few kilometres as the crow flies from Pertisau, lies the heart of the Karwendel Nature Park with the large Ahornboden and the Almdorf Eng. The view of the imposing landscape alone is reason enough for a visit, as time seems to stand still here. Every Wednesday there is the possibility to take the bus to the Almdorf Eng.

Around 200 cows spend their summer on the pastures of the large Ahornboden. The fresh milk is processed on the spot, every day at 10.00 into butter and cheese in the show dairy. The products are best enjoyed straight away on the terrace overlooking the mighty Karwendel mountains. In the adjoining farm shop, the products are also available to purchase for visitors to enjoy Tirolean specialities at home.

Großer Ahornboden – Where nature has set a monument to itself

In one of the most beautiful areas of the Alps, at the end of the Riss Valley, the botanically unique Ahornboden offers a very special natural spectacle. Around 2,000 maple trees, between 300 and 600 years old, grow here. It is unclear why this extensive stock of trees has been able to develop in this area, which has been used as pasture for centuries. It is possible that livestock epidemics or the Thirty Years’ War led to the valley floor not being grazed for a long time.

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