Snowshoe hiking

On Tour mit den Schneeschuhen

Snowshoeing is a wonderful gentle winter experience, and the Achensee region provides the requisite trails, powder and pristine winter scenery. Break the trail and escape into the peace and stillness of nature and enjoy unique moments in stunning wintery landscapes.

The quaint village Steinberg am Rofan and the Karwendel valleys in Pertisau are perfect starting points to explore untouched terrain.

Our tip for experiencing the winter at its best

Across the Kögljoch from Steinberg am Rofan to Achenkirch am Achensee
At 9:45 at the fire station in Achenkirch (bus stop turn-off for Steinberg) take the Regiobus to Steinberg am Rofan. At the final station, “Rofanlifte”, the snowshoe hiking tour (1030 m), starts from the car park. Proceed uphill for around 200m keeping to the right-hand edge of the piste, then follow a trail on the right which heads into the forest and is for the most part detectable from the snow tracks. Follow the Gfaßkopf trail for around 300m until you reach a large red deer feeding station, walk past and climb the steep ascent through a rift valley to the Gfaßsattel (1226m). Since you are now already at ‘operating temperature’, you get to enjoy looking back at the impressive rock faces of the Guffert. Now proceed westwards, on a forest trail which has not yet been cleared, going slightly uphill, then downhill towards the Schönjochalm. Time and again your gaze is drawn to the south to admire the impressive north-facing walls of the Rofan mountains.
Just before another big deer feeding station this trail leads to the Schönjochtalstraße, which you now follow uphill. Around 15 minutes’ walk after the deer feeding station is the Schönjochalm, set in a sunny position on the right-hand side of the path (1287m; only serviced in the summer months). It’s now time to stop and have a snack. Total tranquility; every now and then tracks of deer, chamois, hares or a fox, hardly any birdsong – that’s the reward of this meditative tour.
Relaxed, you hike in a westerly direction to the Kögljoch, where the wide forest trail merges into a narrower trail and it becomes steeper; the high snow levels means markings and signposts can rarelay be seen. The route meanders uphill to the saddle, where an ombrometer (precipitation gauge) awaits you at the highest point (1487m). After a few minutes the forest clears and you get to enjoy splendid views of Lake Achensee and the Karwendel mountains.
Take a seat in the topmost Alpine lodge, the Köglalm (1428m) and enjoy the panoramic view in peace and quiet. On the Köglweg trail which heads northwards, you now proceed quickly towards Achental. The din of civilisation becomes more perceptible with every hairpin bend. Head past the concealed hunting lodge and Kaiser Max Rast, proceed down into the valley to the main road. Cross the road and at the turn-off for Christlum (near the Spar supermarket) you’ll come to the stop for the Regiobus. The bus takes you back to your starting point (bus stop turn-off for Steinberg).
Walking time: depending on the snow depth, 4.5 – 6 hours
Elevation gain: 600 m
Elevation loss: 600 m
Difficulty level: moderate (fitness required)
Length: 12km

Local sports shops provide guided tours and equipment rental as well as valuable tips.